$ 160.00
I'm offering up this handsome Emerald Old Warrior for sale at a great price because he has minor repairs. He is still a gorgeous piece and would display very well in any collection.

When he came to me, he had a chip out of the edge of his display-side wing just above the hole, a nick in his wingtip where it crosses the other wing, and a chipped-off scale (and a quarter) on his butt. I've resculpted his wing edge and missing scales with Apoxie, re-gilded the wing edge with the same brand of gold that Windstone uses, touched up missing gold paint on his claws, and blended his new butt scale with greens that are a close match to the rest of his body. (You can tell they're a little different, but they're on the back of the piece and the curve of his body casts a shadow over them, making them very easy to overlook.) I also gave him a bath with a wet paintbrush, because he was very dusty! There's still some dust on him, but I leave it up to his new owner to do more thorough bathing.

You have to view him from slightly below and close up for the repainted scales to really stand out, and the wingtip repair is almost invisible:

Edge of wing repair with slightly rough gold:

I am not his original owner, but he does NOT smell of smoke or anything else that I can detect, and I have a sensitive nose. He has been in my house with cats, though they don't hang out in the painting room much. Overall he is in fabulous condition, and I don't think his flaws would be visible from average viewing distance. (I already have an Emerald OW, or I'd keep him!)

Shipping Details:
Buyer to pay actual shipping costs via USPS, UPS, or FedEx. I do not have his original box, but I will pack him VERY securely in double boxes with lots of padding! If you choose USPS shipping, please note that I can usually only mail items on Saturdays, due to my work schedule.

Payment Details:
I accept money orders, checks, and Paypal. Checks will be held until they clear.

Other Information:
I'm happy to email larger photos upon request! I had to shrink these to get them ad-sized, but my camera takes giant pictures and I can send the original giant version to you.

Thank you for viewing my ad!
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Posted: 03/25/2020 Expires: 04/24/2020