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These are pieces I would like to own. If you have any and are considering selling or trading, please let me know! I would love to work something out! Likewise, if you own them and plan to have them buried with you in your spectacular pyramid to serve you in the next life, let me know and I will remove them from the ad 😉 My collection is entirely Grab Bags, and Test Paints, and I have many pieces I can offer in trade.

My Grail Pieces:
I have MOST of the Mahogany Windstones. I’d love to get them all together. Please feel free to offer me any mahogany pieces you have to sell or trade!
Male Uni Snow Leopard Test Paint - I have all the rest of the uni family and would desperately love to trade for or purchase him for complete the family
Golden Zebra Ponycorn
Striped Skunk Ponycorn
Gothic - Mahogany
Bat Wing Flap Cat - Mahogany
Giraffe GB baby
Yellow/purple Baby Uni GB

Other Desired Pieces:

Male Dragon - Mahogany
Male Dragon - Monochrome
Male Dragon - Coyote
Mother Dragon - Plum

Gothic - Mahogany
Mother Unicorn Emerald Bronze
Mother Unicorn - Okapi
Mother unicorn - Barbados Sheep
Baby Unicorn - Barbados sheep
Male Unicorn - Barbados Sheep
Male Unicorn - Sky Bronze
Giraffe GB Baby
Silver Dapple Male Uni
Silver Dapple Young Uni
Silver Dapple colt uni
Silver Dapple Grand uni
Sanguine Father Uni
Sanguine Colt
Sanguine Baby

“STARLIGHT RAIN” MOTHER PEGASUS (I have the whole uni family)
Baby - Midnight Calico
Male - Bloodstone
Male - Midnight Calico

Snow Leopard

Dark Grey Natural Wolf
Safari Baby Uni: Giraffe
Any uni with red eyes
Any Silver Dapple Young or Colt Uni

I am always happy to look at any Safari or Fantasy unis in any sculpt. I am Extra interested in any pieces with red eyes

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Posted: 12/18/2019 Expires: 01/17/2020