Lisa Z

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Willing to trade for or buy these dreamy dragons and griffins.

Sitting young oriental dragon:
any of the three gold and white koi colors, teal-eyed is the favorite**

Curled dragon:
elven with silver horns
pale mint
blue ice *

Mother coiled dragon:
silvery silver
violet flame with the glass orb
copper gold
silver pearl
water sprite
sea spray
frost berry
orchid shell
blue ice?? (was it made in blue ice?)**

Male dragon:
blue ice *
fire quartz **

Spectral dragon:
blue ice *
mountain frost

Female griffin:

Mini bean Poads with feather design in metallic pink, peach, teal, green, light blue

Will also consider other colors, in the above sculpts, similar to colors listed. I prefer lighter colors, blues, greens, pink in pearl and metallics. Not a fan of flat/gloss, nor black.

Maybe someday... 🙂
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Posted: 11/05/2019 Expires: 12/05/2019