$ 260.00
NOTE: SOLD! These are both sold, one pending payments, thank you!

I have decided to list these two lovely hatching pegs for sale or possible trade because I already have two others in similar colours. The purple one has cool colour shift paint going from purple to green in different light, a light purple swirly design and metallic purple/lavender eyes. The aqua one has some white and yellow on the wing and mane, a purple flower design and metallic silver/aqua eyes. I bought/traded for these from others so paid more than store price.

I will sell each, taking offers starting at $260 plus shipping which is less than what I paid with shipping and fees since I'm in Canada. I would maybe consider taking payments or trading one for another piece I am looking for too but would prefer to sell at least one. I am also looking for the following pieces I would maybe consider trades for plus or minus cash:

- rainbow mini keeper
- copper patina baby dragon
- pink hatching dragon
- blue morpho male griffin
- silver grulla young unicorn
- white hatching pegasus
- grab bag colourful or safari leopard baby unicorn
- grab bag colourful baby sitting or standing kirin
- grab bag colourful pegasus baby or pink hatching peg
- grab bag colourful or winged young poad
- grab bag colourful or pink lady cat
- grab bag pink or rainbow mini keeper or loaf dragon

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Posted: 08/11/2019 Expires: 09/10/2019