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I have a few various grab bag pieces I would consider selling or trading for other grab bags or other Windstones I'm looking for. I like any safari or colourful grab bags and love rainbow and pink and teal colours. I would be willing to trade one or more of these for a blind trade for safari ponycorn, plus or minus the difference in cash!

*Orange and Black Hoppy Young Poad* is SOLD
*Aqua Silhouette Cougar* is TRADED
*Teal Rising Loaf Dragon* is SOLD

These are what I am most looking for I would consider trading these for:
Grab Bags:
- Rainbow leopard, tiger or cuttlefish cougar
- Rainbow or pink silhouette cougar
- Leopard/Jaguar cougar
- Giraffe cougar
- Leopard/Jaguar young unicorn
- Giraffe young unicorn
- Snow leopard or bengal baby unicorn
- Zebra unicorn colt
- Colourful baby unicorn
- Colourful baby sitting or standing kirin
- Colourful pegasus baby
- Zebra pegasus baby
- Pink hatching pegasus
- Colourful or winged young poad
- Colourful or pink lady cat
- Pink or rainbow mini keeper

Non Grab Bags:
- copper patina baby dragon
- rainbow mini keeper
- silver grulla young unicorn
- violet flame spectral dragon

I will consider offers for these pieces or similar pieces and would add cash depending on the piece. Let me know if you have any offers.

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Posted: 01/14/2020 Expires: 02/13/2020