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These are favourite baby unicorns of mine but I decided to list them to see if I get offered any other favourite pieces. **I would be willing to trade one of these for a blind trade for safari ponycorn!** I will also look at favourite grab bag cougars, grab bag baby unicorns, colts, young unicorns or other grab bag pieces. My favourite ones are anything rainbow coloured or pink or both, bright or pastel colours and I love rainbow tigers, leopards, zebras, giraffes, cuttlefish patterns, silhouettes, etc. I also like natural safari patterns in white tiger, leopard/jaguar, giraffe and zebra that I would trade for to go with my baby unicorns. These are what I am most looking for I would consider trading for:

- Rainbow leopard, tiger or cuttlefish cougar
- Rainbow or pink silhouette cougar
- White tiger cougar or young unicorn
- Leopard/Jaguar cougar or young unicorn
- Giraffe cougar or young unicorn
- Zebra unicorn colt

I will consider offers for these pieces or similar pieces and would add cash depending on the piece like a young unicorn or I would trade one for one for a cougar or unicorn colt.

These are my favourite cougars in this ad or pictured in the last two pictures below:
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Posted: 01/14/2020 Expires: 02/13/2020