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Please PM me if you are interested in selling any of the following in mint condition. Original boxes are a plus, but not necessarily required. Thanks!

Red Fire
· Hatching, Lap, Male, Old Warrior, Scratching, Spectral, Young

· Oriental, Scratching, Secret Keeper

Copper Patina w/Red Eyes
· Fledgling, Lap, Oriental

Copper Patina w/Blue Eyes
· Hatching Emperor, Hatching Empress, Hatching Kinglet, Oriental Moon, Oriental Sun

Lavender Pearl
· Male, Mother, Mother Coiled, Rising Spectral, Young

· Coiled, Emperor, Hatching Empress, Hatching Kinglet, Lap, Mother, Rising Spectral, Scratching, Secret Keeper

· Fledgling

Emerald Peacock Secret Keeper

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Posted: 06/06/2021 Expires: 07/06/2021