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I have one of the Bantam Sand Dragons, which is an Exclusive Kickstarter dragon, but he is a little lighter in color than I like. So - I would LOVE to be able to sell my Sand so I have funds to try and either get one of the KS leftover Mystery Rainbow Tiger Bantams, or perhaps leftover Bantam #118 or #99, if possible.

I propose one of these options to Trade or to Sell my Sand Bantam:

1) Trade my KS Exclusive Sand Bantam + $85 Cash (from me to you) for someone to 'claim' a Mystery Rainbow Tiger, Bantam #118 or #99 from the leftover KS Bantam dragons and ship him to me, or

2) Buy my KS Exclusive Sand Bantam for Kickstarter cost ($165) - shipping within USA free, so I can try to claim one of the leftover Mystery Rainbow Tigers or KS Bantams for myself, or

3) Trade my KS Exclusive Sand Bantam for either a darker Tiger Bantam or a Rainbow Tiger Bantam that you already have. For the straight Tiger Bantams, I would be interested more in the darker tan with darker blues. I'm not interested in the very light tan/blue color schemes - but show me what you have! I might like it!

Please send me a PM or Email if you are interested in buying or Trading! ^_^

Email Ela_Hara or send a private message by clicking the Private Message button above.
Posted: 07/28/2020 Expires: 08/27/2020