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A List of my biggest Windstone wishes! I know 95% of this is probably unobtainable, but a girl can dream right?
UPDATED 06/29/2020

*By Melody*
Ribbon Curlie
Bacon n Eggs Curlie
Ocellated Turkey Male Griffin #1 (4ever homed)
Kingfisher Griffin #1
Violet Hawk Male Griffin
Gila Monster Moon Dragon
Koi Oriental Sun Dragon #1
Ginrin Koi Oriental Moon (4ever homed)
Rainbow Glitter Oriental Moon
Sand Tiger Oriental + Young Oriental
Turquoise Oriental
Sand Bengal Fledgling Dragon
Stray Flapcat "Gunpowder"
Mandarin Fish Poad #1 or #2
Mandarin Fish Emperor Dragon
Shusui Koi Poad #1
Koi Pond Male Unicorn (I have the Mother)
Green Fishbone Mother Unicorn
Autumn Leaf Mother Pegasus
Red Panda Winged Meerkat

*By P.S.*
Dragon Quail Old Warrior Dragon
Hades Curled Dragon
Copper & Indigo Rockfish Hatching Royalty Sets
Emerald Tabby Male Griffin
Golden Sunset Male Griffin (4ever homed)
Barn Swallow Griffin Chicks (I have the parents)
Rainbow Tiger Spectral
Winter Storm Oriental Moon Dragon
Gold Point Lg Flap Cat #1
Sunset Calico Lg Flap Cat
Forest Calico Lg Flap Cat
Zebra Cuttlefish Kirin Family
Sun Quagga Mother Pegasus
ANY Hades pieces
ANY Barn Swallow Dragons (I have the Sun and Emperor)
ANY Poison Dart Dragon (especially the Rising Spectral)

*By Brandi*
Contusion Emperor Dragon (I have the Male)
Rococo Emperor Dragon
Betta Male Dragon
Siphlophis Male Dragon
Cemophora Rising Spectral
Betta Oriental Sun
Tie Dye Hatching Royalty
Tie Dye Curl Dragon
Tattoo Oriental Sun Dragon #1
Tattoo Young Oriental #2

* By Gina & Production Painters*
Ivory Moss Sitting Baby Kirin (I have the rest of the family)
Jaguar Flame Male Griffin and Babies
Garter Snake Coiled Dragon
Obsidian Frost Old Warrior
Dreamscape Sun + Moon Dragons (4ever homed)
Mystic Jade Old Warrior
Masquerade Male Griffin
ANY Ocean Flame Unicorns (I have the Grand)
ANY Night's Fire Dragons
ANY Dreamscape Dragons
ANY Orion Dragons
ANY Fireberry Dragons
ANY Oil Spot Dragons
ANY Black Rainbow Dragons
ANY Striped Orchid Dragons
ANY Ivory Moss Dragons
ANY Ghost Flame Dragons

*By Special Artists*
Snow Leopard Griffin Family by Helen Mishkin
Copper Cowry Dragons by Helen Mishkin
Quagga Hatching Pegasus by Helen Mishkin
Labradorite Griffins or Dragons by Jennifer Miller (I have one Crouching Chick who is very lonely)

*Grab Bag Young Unis*
Pastel Rainbow Leopard from most recent batch

*Grab Bag Misc*
Copper GB Sitting Oriental (see photo) or Teal or Rainbow
Any Rainbow "Lisa Frank Style" GB Cougars
Brightly colored Poads of all kinds
Snow Leopard, King Cheetah, Clouded Leopard, or Spotted Skunk Ponicorns
Fantasy/ Candycorn Baby Unicorns

*LP/Production pieces*
Violet Flame - Old Warrior, Hatching Kinglet, Hatching Emperor
Pastel Rainbow - Emperor, Secret Keeper, Lap, Curled
Brown - Hatching Emperor
Lynx Point Flip Flap Cat

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