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*** COVID19 UPDATE *** Due to Coronavirus I will be shipping once a week in an effort to help flatten the curve <3 I am helping to sell off a large Windstone collection. In summary, I am acting as a 3rd party in selling these pieces. I do not own them, but I am in possession of them and will be offering them here as a service both to the family and to the forum of fellow collectors. For more details please see this thread.
A Large Collection Will Be For Sale Over The Coming Months
*PLEASE READ - RULES AND EXPECTATIONS* Due to suggestions I have received I am restructuring ONLY this ad with set pricing. The rare item and ebay ad is not changing and will still be done in a bidding style. Pieces that are not sold within a certain time range may be offered at lower prices in the future at the discretion of the family. However this will not be offered until reasonable efforts have been made to sell the item for the expected price. Thank you for your understanding as I am trying to be fair to both the community as well as the family. Offers for pieces, especially ones with damage will be considered on a per piece basis, but offers should not be less then 50% of current retail and may be active for weeks-months before a decision is made to sell for the requested discount. Please be aware of this. All pieces have no damage unless otherwise noted Shipping will be paid for by the buyer and calculated based on zip code via USPS or UPS Paypal or cash at pick up are the only forms of payment allowed (pick up is based in the state of MA) Galleries of available items will be rotated out periodically so check back often!
Production Ad 03.15.20
Production Ad 03.15.20
Emperor – Silver NIB $320 *** Old Warrior- Emerald NIB $280 *** Male Dragon- Emerald NIB $135 *** Brown, chipped no box $75 *** Mother Dragon- Emerald w small repair by me no box $115 *** Brown, chipped no box $75 *** Young Dragon- Emerald Peacock mint but no box $75 *** Peacock has chips no box $50 *** Emerald has chips no box $50 *** Fledgling Dragon- Emerald mint but no box $75 *** Ruby mint but no box $75 *** Black Gold, paint smudge on chest, has box $65 *** Hatching Royalty- Rainbow Empress NIB $120 *** Coiled w Crystal Ball- Black Gold no box $75 *** Silver no box $75 *** Jade chipped no box $60 *** White chipped no box $60 *** Oriental Dragons- Peacock Young no box $90 *** Griffins- Peacock Male no box $135 *** Black and White Mother AKA Beagle (no eyes spots version) $135 *** Black Sunset Crouching Chick $50 *** Misc- Circle of Dragons no box, has glass votive holder but no candle. Stain on felt pad $75 *** PYO Unicorn painted by Joseph Frye (horn is not glued in and paint is not sealed) $75 *** ITEMS THAT ARE PICTURED IN GALLERIES BUT NOT LISTED ABOVE HAVE BEEN SOLD
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Posted: 05/17/2020 Expires: 06/16/2020