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Just wanted to say I have a beautiful Natural/Fantasy mix Young Unicorn named Cymbal who is a metallic beige appaloosa, a gorgeous Rainbow Leopard cougar with pretty pink toes, and a Halloween Fat Pebble Cat with cats in branches up for trades for safari/everything bagel/and giraffe Pony Corns <3

Cougar and Young would be straight trades and I'll add cash if you would like the Halloween kitty to even out the trade. I might even do 2 for 1 if it's a Pony I am in love with. My favorites are among the big cat patterns, tigers, leopards, ocelots, clouded leopards. Especially interested in snow leopards and tabby tigers with airbrushed markings.

Also, if I am able to get Pony Corns I am not in love with I would perhaps trade them for either a Teal Grab Bag Oriental, a Lisa Frank super bright rainbow Cougar, or a brightly colored Fantasy Grab Bag Young or even possibly a very special Grab Bag Baby Fantasy Uni or Adult Poad.

*cougar and Cymbal are both possibly pending*
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Posted: 01/13/2020 Expires: 02/12/2020