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    I’ve got an eye that will not come out after trying the suggestions. Now that the piece has been painted I want to glue it in so it stays put and does not wiggle around. How about Super glue in a tuberculin syringe inserted under the eye?


    Is anyone able to see the top row of the recent addtions to the PYO gallery? I have not been able to see it or my own photos since the change. I’ve tried several different computers and ISPs but get the same problems. I really would like to see some of these and post update on my piece for the Wild Animal Sanctuary but can’t. All I get is a title and an ‘x’ but no picture – not even a cropped one. Thanks for any help you can give me.


    Thanks for the links to tiger pictures. This is coming slowly. I’ll try to post a picture of work in progress. This is not coming out quite to my standards but I still have hopes for it.


    I am working on a PYO griffin for the Wild Animal Sanctuary here in Colorado. It will be sold via eBay or thier gift shop. It takes me weeks to do one of these as I have so little free time so it will be a few weeks left before it is finished. Having some problems getting pictures of tigers that are not just of the face or side. Any help? Any interest in buying? This is my fourth PYO. The others are pictured in the gallery under Holly’s or Elanhui. I’m trying to make it as realistic as possible but lacking access to a real live tiger the coloration and exact stripe pattern is hard to match. I’ve told them about it but don’t think they are taking me seriously. Either that or they just don’t have the time. I’ll remind them when it is farther along. Will try to post pictures in a week or two. Thanks for any help.
    Cynthia Johnson

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)