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I am down to these few to complete my collection. Any help appreciated in finding these.

*below are the main "3", I am in need of* (as of 9/14/2012 is date on my checklist)

Lap: *CP 12
Oriental Sun: CP
Oriental Moon: CP

Special Dragons: Blue Ice Hatching Empress, Indigo Emperor

*(color)# How many I think or was told were made, approx.

Black: Grand
Slate Grulla: Mother, Male
Silver Grulla: Grand, Male, Young, Baby

Certain Baby Kirins, not the standard production one.
Black Rose Male Kirin (mother and baby miss their daddy)

Currently in need of 32+ production or LP pieces And growing with each new production color.(28+ newer versions + 3 older versions) (includes # of 12 CP Lap) Does not include all possible Jade variants (Mother, Male, Yng, Lap, Emp) these will complete production shape or LP. (That number is now up due to Blue Morpho for which I am delaying getting to finish the Dragons above. Added Blue Morpho and others such as,Tanzanite, lavender pearl too, Russet Autumn curl, Brown coiled, brown Spectral, etc. Most of these pieces are in no hurry unless I get a good deal, as I am trying to finish the 3 CP's to complete having all the production and Limited production one prior to 9/14/2012.

Either method of contact seems to work fine for me so far.


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Posted: 12/28/2019 Expires: 02/28/2020