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    So I have a couple Spirithoods items I wasn’t able to bond with (I know a few folks on here collect their merch)

    Unicorn Spirithood
    Brand spanky new condition. Unisex Sizing $139 or best offer shipped. (store price/sold out)

    This is super cute and I wore it for about an hour during a work event but the unicorn look isn’t me. I’ll stick with wolfies and kitties. Super floofy and silky soft fur.

    Gorgeous Jade Bomber
    Also brand new and only tried on for all of 2 minutes. Size Medium. $209 or best offer shipped. (store price)

    I want to post an expectations vs. reality pic but it’s just too embarrassing LOL! I absolutely LOVE this coat, but with my short stature I feel like I look like a short, fat Grinch… so… yea. I guess I would need a body like the model to pull it off and that ain’t happening. LOL!

    I’d also be willing to look at Windstones or other Spirithoods merchandise for trade as well ^_^

    Got a busted dragon? There isn't a Windstone that I can't fix! - drag0nfeathersdesign@gmail.com
    *OPEN for repairs on a limited basis. Happy to help with DIY questions - PM me*

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