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    In Windstone’s Classified Ads, Sellers cannot request Paypal ‘Friends and Family’ payments and Buyers should be aware that such payments for goods or services are not protected or permitted by Paypal. Transactions should always be conducted with Paypal Invoices, even a trade can be conducted with paypal invoices and the even exchange of funds to protect both parties.

    Keep this in mind whenever you are conducting a transaction with a private party. A Paypal Invoice offers protection, do not allow anyone to persuade you to forego it.


    How would you use an invoice for a trade? The invoice thing is new to me, and do you just refund the money when piece arrives?

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    I would guess something like each partner sends an invoice for the value of the piece, and pays on the invoice they receive? So for example, if you and I were trading GB unis from the last batch, we would each send the other an invoice for $360. When that money is received, I send my end, and when you receive your payment, you send your end. Maybe.


    sending an invoice for a trade I don’t think would be needed….doesn’t really make sense to me, you’re exchanging an item not money for an item….

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    Using an invoice for a trade: You would each invoice the other for the same amount. When the invoice you sent to the other person is paid, you ship to them, and they do the same for you. This would protect from anyone promising to send something in trade and then never sending it. If you pay a Paypal Invoice for something and you never receive the item – Paypal will protect you. If you send an item in trade with the idea of getting an item of the same value in return and it never comes, nothing protects you. I know it sounds kind of silly and inconvenient, especially if you are trading due to lack of funds, however it would protect both parties.

    If you do the “send money to friends and family” Paypal will not protect you if you never receive the item and paypal does not want that feature to be used for goods or services.

    Every once in a while we hear about someone who doesn’t ship an item that has been paid through “friends and family” or that was in trade. This doesn’t happen often, however transactions in our Classified Ads are at “your own risk” and once in a while something goes wrong. Take precautions to protect yourself. The person you are doing the transaction with should not mind that you wish to take precautions!


    I admit I usually just trusted people in the past with trades and friend payments but it’s true that you do get peace of mind with goods payments and invoicing people. I think trades are okay without them if you know the person well and have dealt with them a few times but maybe for new people you haven’t traded with before, the invoices could be a good idea.

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