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    While sitting with my grandaughters, watching them paint their own dragons, one of them asked, “How long does it take for the artists to paint one of the big ones? So I ask you all….how long does it take?


    It depends on the figure and complexity of the what I want. I’m a slower painter and don’t spend a lot of time per day on each piece so it takes me longer.
    2-3 weeks is pretty normal. A few pieces have taken a month due to size or painting a ton of layers.
    Keepers take the absolute longest since they’re the biggest and I always end up leaving them in WIP limbo when they’re half-finished. I think the longest took like two years start to finish but most of that time it was just sitting around as I worked on other stuff.


    I will tell you right off the cuff that I am not a painter. However, some of the factors in how long it takes to paint a piece are obviously the size of the piece. Then are you using brushes by hand or are you using an airbrush. Are you able to sit down and just paint or do you do the painting in between other things. Then there is the complexity of the design you have in mind. I’m sure painters could tell you a lot more but hopefully this is helpful.


    The most time I have spent on one is 20+ hrs.on Chainmail,stretched out over a week.Normally I can do one in a couple of days taking care of my home and pets in between.I have lots of time.It seems,for me,once I start it just takes over and I have to make myself set it down.No real average time really.If I set one down for any amount of time I will start completely over with something new.Weird,I know.😁


    ISO:original white mother Pegasus to complete set.Thanx😊
    Grail wish...MALE HEARTH💘One day...


    Well, I have a PYO griffin I bought in, uh, 2008?? And still haven’t finished it…

    On the other hand, I think it took me 2 days to finish my first PYO Kitty Griffin, and the second day was just sealing it and glueing in the eyes and stone.

    So I guess my answer is “somewhere between 2 days and 13 years” – whatever that averages out to! XD

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    Same here… I’ve started pieces and kinda just let them hanging. The Westcoast Native keeper took me what, 2 years? to finish because the detail was very, very high. I did a zebracorn last year; I stared in March, just after the first COVID shutdown and was moving along nicely… aaaand procrastination happened. You know, it’s summer, stuff to do outside, you name it! I finished early this year, during, surprise surprise, the winter!

    So yeah, I’m with Nightcrow on the timeline 😁

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    I agree with Nightcrow and dragonmedley – it depends on how motivated you are to work on it and if you have the time. I’ve done Muses in four hours flat and I have a Keeper that I started in 2013 but got interested in other PYOs since then and he’s been in storage until I get the time to finish him.

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