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    Please note that the restock for the PYO Rock Dragon is on per customer ONLY. One per person, per address, and per paypal account. It is also going to take us a few days to fill these orders. Paint Your Owns take longer to process with gathering up the eyes for them. We won’t be beginning to ship them until Monday. If they sell out before you have a chance to order, there WILL be more! (more are being cast right now) – just press that Join Waitlist button on its page to be emailed when we restock the next time. We thank you for your patience!


    Thank You Susie! Have a wonderful weekend 😎

    J Townsend

    Thank you so much! I was able to get one finally, I can’t wait to paint him

    Also, in my excitement I hit the “add to cart” button a few times to make sure it took, as I was on my cellphone 😅 I apologize for that


    Thanks for letting us know, Susie! I just got home from work, so missed out again sigh. I’ll get one someday!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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