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    ‘Touchy Feely’ is my first PYO Oriental dragon. I love how he turned out. I painted him in a rainbow of acrylics and big cat markings. But the reason for his name is the liquid crystal ink I did his markings in. With just a touch or hint of warmth, they shift colors just like a mood ring. So yeah, he’s quite ‘Touchy Feely’. πŸ˜‰


    WOW! He’s Wonderful Prez!
    Where did you find that Liquid Crystal Ink pen? Does itgo on as a silvery-black and change colors from that? Because at parts it looks green, rust and brownish-red (redish-brown?).

    Nice to see you painting again – I missed this!

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    OMG! Great work, Prezaurian! I love the way the Ori turned out!

    Wanted: "Dragon Fruit" Male Dragon ~ "Fire Berry", "Paradise", "Dragon Fruit", "Tie Dye" ~ The brighter, the better!


    Hey Ela! The liquid crystal ‘ink’ isn’t really an ink. That’s just what the website I got it off of calls it (so I’m calling it that too). It came pre-mixed in a bottle and can be brushed on. Kind of weird stuff. It goes on as an opaque pinkish tan and then dries mostly clear. Works best on a black background. So when its cold you see the black background and as it gets warm it changes color (red to gold to green to teal to blue). Then as it cools it goes back through the colors to black background.

    The silvery bits are just normal acrylic paint. The liquid crystal ink makes the stripes more dynamic than the color shift paint. Its so neat to watch it constantly change color!


    That is soooooo cool!!!! OMG!! It makes me want to go find my mood ring!! I would love to try that!! You did an AMAZING JOB!!


    Oh wow, he is awesome, he’s so bright and sparkly! I think the Oriental dragon is so cute!

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    May this New Year be the best year of our lives!
    (Wanted-safari (pref.tiger) baby unicorn)


    Thank you very much everyone. It was good to get a chance to paint again. And especially fun to get a chance to experiment with something new.

    When I get the chance I’ll start work on a couple back logged PYO projects. I have a couple sushi cats that have been waiting for me as well as a Chophound mask by MissMonster and one of her blepping Foos. The female sushi cat will probably be next as I actually have a concrete idea of what I want to do with her.

Viewing 8 posts - 271 through 278 (of 278 total)
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