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    The new Twilight hit eBay with a bang. So who is collecting what. I started this thread because may be the collectors are part of the Windstone Gang of Dragons. Want to complete your set, someone else has the piece to complete the set. This is a a chance for collectors to contact each other about The Twilight Series Dragons. Gina’s “Twilight Gemstone” series of test painted dragons include a rainbow of colors: Twilight Ruby, Twilight Citrine, Twilight Topaz, Twilight Peridot, Twilight Sapphire, and Twilight Amethyst.

    She has painted 10 dragon styles in each of the six colors. The styles are: Hatching Dragon version 2, Mother Dragon, Male Dragon, Young Dragon, Coiled Dragon, Fledgling Dragon, Mother Coiled Dragon, Curled Dragon, Baby Dragon, and Mini-Keeper Dragon.

    She has also made one each of three other dragon styles: the Lap Dragon in Twilight Sapphire, Old Warrior in Twilight Citrine, and Emperor Dragon in Twilight Amethyst. Have fun and good luck on the BIDDING.

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    Kudos Michael.

    May this New Year be the best year of our lives!
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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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