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    This is a facebook page for weird thrift store finds. Somebody found a flapcat and posted it. Some of the comments are hilarious!

    Update I went back to the store and bought it. Now what do I do with it? It was made in 1992.I thought only flying monkeys were a thing. Now we have flying cats? Scratches from above.

    Posted by Amy Matlock Randall on Thursday, June 27, 2019


    I think I spent most of yesterday looking at that FB page! Some very strange stuff in there.


    There used to be a website years ago, back when funny things had their own websites instead of Facebook groups harrumph!, that would post weird listings on eBay. It used to be very popular. I can’t remember the name of it though.

    Looking for...

    Sitting young oriental dragon koi gold and white


    I would enjoy that, too bad they’ve all gone to Facebook where we can’t see them. Is the photo a link that I can follow in?

    I remember stumbling across a blog once where someone posted their trash scavenging finds. Apparently this person made a decent living at it, they rescued some valuable and ‘whyever would some idiot throw that out?’ items. What I’d followed to the blog was a white male they’d found.

    I have only rarely found Windstones at thrift/resale shops. If they’re cheap enough/good enough condition for me to make a little selling them, I pick them up. I have had some garage sale, and quite a few Craigslist finds.


    I saw an Emerald Oriental Sun Dragon once at a Flea Market. Looked pretty good, one chipped claw, easy fix. I tried to keep a poker face and asked, “So how much is that dragon up there?” thinking maybe they would say $50 bucks, $100 bucks… the thoughts running through my mind if the guy would say like $20 bucks or something, I tried to keep my composure… but then he answered $800 and I promptly picked my eyes back up off the table and said “Thanks but no thanks”

    I’ve never been that lucky person who finds a Windstone at a thrift store or something like that. I do remember somebody grabbing the entire set of hatching royalty in brown for like 50 bucks at a yard sale and it was the stuff of legends. Also someone else got a whole collection of beautiful pieces for a steal at an antique shop which included a Green or a Brown Emperor. I forget which. I only DREAM of stuff like that happening to me!

    I wish I had a Windstone radar in my head that pinged off random Windstones when they were close by. I’d be the yard sale queen.

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    I remember those finds! I don’t remember that we ever saw pictures of any of them though, so I never was sure if they were really real.

    I’ve only had a very few- like 2 or 3 in all the years since 86? thrift or resale store finds. One of them was prices way out of my range, so stayed there. And there was 1 flea market find.

    Craigslist really has been my friend for finding them. It’s where I located the garage sales that had them too. Most often, I find them under ‘dragons’ or ‘unicorns’ or such and not Windstone.

    Oh yeah, and once I found 2 prints at a thrift store for $1 each.

    And shopgoodwill.com seems to get them fairly often.


    My mother found a flap cat with its face (muzzle) torn off and severe gashes at a free store. She gave it to me as I liked broken things at the time. I have recently repaired his face and most of the gashes, though I kind of like that grizzled warrior look. Unfortunately, I did this days before discovering windstone editions and have given him quite a different face. He is black with white shell paws, a splash of white on his chest, and (when I get around to the fix-it/touch up paint) a white muzzle with gold/purple/blue wings.


    I was wandering around Craigslist,found these,not Windstone of course but a wonderful deal for unicorn lovers.It is in Portland,Or.though,comes with display too.I wish I had the funds I would grab these.


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    (Wanted:safari young & baby unicorns.)


    Anyone live in southern Arizona? Here’s a great lot of commons, and I have grave doubts the seller would pack them appropriately.


    Hard to 100% tell but that green hatchie looks a lot like one of the old original ones. Too bad they didn’t photograph the bottom of it to make the guesswork easier.


    I was thinking the same thing, Mika. Batch might be worth it to resell, if you’re able to pick them up.

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