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    I saw a couple listings for jade oriental dragons on ebay as my friend had mentioned wanting to try and find a jade one. Well either the seller is confused as to what is a jade dragon versus emerald or I am. These are the listings:



    You can see in the first listing the young dragon is an emerald colour, not jade and the price is over 3 times what the emerald ones usually sell for. The second listing she has an emerald and a jade dragon together in the picture but in the description it says the listing is for the light jade sun dragon only. Well the light one is not jade but emerald coloured, so I feel these listings are misleading. I messaged her asking about the listings and why these were listed as jade and why they were priced 3 times higher than what they usually sell for and she messaged back saying all her listing were old, rare, retired pieces and explained to me that the dragons first came out in ‘Jade’ in two shades, light and dark and that the Emerald ones were a different more blue-green colour. Well from reading about Jade dragons on here I explained to her that the Emerald dragons came in two shades and that Jade was a darker green colour that actually was a mistake and used only on a small number of dragons. Anyway instead of thanking me for the info or changing the descriptions of her auctions, she told me off and asked if I got off being rude to people or harassing someone. I never said one thing to her that was rude or harassing. So I replied back saying the reason I messaged was that I thought her titles and descriptions and prices were misleading and that she should be changing the auctions so as not to confuse people. Now my question for all of you is was that correct about what I told her about the colour difference and do you think that is reasonable to message someone and let them know if they have a common coloured dragon listed as a rare one? I was quite surprised at her reaction and didn’t appreciate that she told me off as I was just trying to help.

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


    In the listing with the two dragons, I actually bought the ‘true jade’ one on the left, and she did bring her price down for me. Maybe she is just trying her luck, a lot of sellers do. 🙂 Personally I found her quite plesant to deal with, and sge claims to have been collecting Windstones for well over 20 years.


    I believe she is forum member “dragonscavern,” also known as “dragonslairtreasures” in the feedback lists.

    People often use the same or similar names on both the forum and on eBay. Example: I am Syn on the forum and Syn789 on eBay.

    Clicking on a person’s eBay feedback number and then clicking on “View ID History” on the right side of the page will show all their previous eBay names. Those names can then be checked against the forum feedback lists which can be found at the top of the “Community” section.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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