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    Hmm, I wouldn’t include the fledge with the original male-mother-young-v1 hatchling family. He’s a bit out of scale to them, and a bit morphologically different. I would keep the originals as one family. The fledge could perhaps go with the V2 hatchling and lap? It’s still a bit large there, but they look similar. The old warrior is intended to pair with the lap I believe. The hatching royalty could only go with the secret keeper, and even there they’re too huge. And since females are often bigger than males in herps and birds, the emp can be the s.k.’s mate. The spectrals are definitely a different type, in my imagination the other westerns are diurnal while the spectrals are nocturnal. The bantam looks typewise like the spectrals to me, but of course there aren’t any with the spectral eyes.

    I don’t know Ms Melody’s intentions if any creating them.

    Size comp.Emp.&SK
    Emp would have to fly his wings hard to catch Ramoth.😄


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    It’s crazy how big SK is. I just consider him a separate entity altogether. 😄

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Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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