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    So I was storing my lap dragon in the box it came in. When I took the lap dragon out of the box one of the horns had broken off and made a real mess around the horn area. I’m lucky I guess that it wasn’t more of a mess. What is the best way to fix this? I had epoxy sculpt but it disappeared. I still have the pieces of gypsum would I be able to just glue them back on. If I did just glue it back together would white glue be good enough or would I need something stronger?

    Those are my questions. I haven’t been on in ages and ended up just creating a new account as I just couldn’t remember my password from years ago. So hi, I hope everyone is well.

    I can post pictures if needed but not sure when I would get around to it.


    White glue works fine to fix the gypsum. We glue the horns with epoxy. Sounds like this lap is very fixable.


    Thank you so much <3 When I do get to the repair I’ll post before and after.


    Try contacting Drag0nfeathers- she is the repair wizard. She has helped guide others with their repairs.


    I’m always around if you have questions or need advice, just as pip said <3

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    Is this poor fella of the peacock family of colours. He is my oldest dragon and I’ve had him over 30 years. I’m heartsick. Tries gluing him back together but some pieces are lost. I will never let him go, no matter his condition. But I’d like to get a replacement and need to confirm that he is peacock. Also, is there a paint to touch up the cracks??

    Dragons have been my love since I read my first Anne McCaffrey novel at age 16 back in the mid 80s. Melody Peña’s dragons have always reminded me of them and I have 4 of her Windstone dragons, all named for Pern dragons. Sadly, the one in my profile pic, the male, was badly damaged about a year ago. I have had home for over 30 years and I am still heartsick over him. I have glued him back as best as I can. I am always looking for one for sale.


    Terri- yes he is a peacock. If you choose to get another, at least he is one of the more common pieces on the resale market. However, since he has sentimental value to you, have you thought of getting him repaired? It would be a major job, but I’ve seen as bad or worse repaired by Drag0n. There are a couple others who might give him a crack also (no pun intended). As for the touch-up paint, I’m no repairer, but I’d try black with just a touch of interference paint. Others can guide you better.


    Is there a good way of repairing scuff marks? I have a gryphon with some, but I am tentative to do what I normally would with scuffs on a Windstone. (I’m also debating whether minor scuffs give a piece ‘character’ and thus shouldn’t be repaired)



    Do you have pictures? How deep are the scuffs – just through the top layer of paint? All the way to the gypsum? On a gold area?

    Depending on the color of the piece, and the level of damage, it can be pretty simple to match the paint and cover up a scuff.

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