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    I am so sorry Opal!


    Lots of positive thoughts being sent your way, Opal. <3


    I’m so very sorry! Huge hugs and prayers from my family to yours.




    This kind of news is always so hard. I am so sorry that this has happened, but glad for you that you were given a heads up so you have the chance to tell each other everything you want to say before he has to leave you. There is some light in the darkness. *hugs*



    I’m so sorry to hear this…. my grandfather passed from lung cancer that metastised to his spine back in… 2007, I think. Not something I like to think about. Enjoy the time you have left…. and (hugs).


    I send all my love and thoughts to you and your family…

    There really aren’t any words to express what it feels like when you find out such disheartening news, but please know that you do not have to face this alone! -My family found out that my mother had stage 4 (leiomyosarcoma) cancer in 2007. Even though we knew the severity of it, we did everything we could to keep (us) happy together. Chemotherapy didn’t specifically work for her condition, however she still smiled until the very end because she knew she had raised a great family and that her way of life lives on with us; her children. Towards the end, she even said with a smile, “I wouldn’t have lived my life any other way…” 🙂 -So please remember! Even though it may seem difficult, try to keep your father’s hopes up high and try to keep him smiling. Remind him that no matter what happens, he has the greatest family that anyone could ever wish for…

    (Please don’t hesitate to send any of us – including myself – a message! We are all here for you!)


    I am very sorry to hear that. Just having gone through surgery and radiation for breast cancer double that sorry.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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