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Raffle prize for Febuary 2010

Here is “Reveler”! He is the Windstone forum raffle prize for February 2010.
I named him “Reveler” when I realized I had painted him in purple gold and green; the colors of Mardi Gras!
Very appropriate.
If you are a Windstone forum member and you would like to win Reveler, email me your forum name with the words “February raffle” in the subject line.
If you haven’t entered these raffles before, email me your forum name, real name and address.
If you aren’t yet a forum member, heavens, you are most welcome!
My email is: reptangle (at) gmail (dot) com

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Old Windstone photos

I was digging through boxes, and found some more photos I thought you might like to see.

This is Windstone Editions in full swing when we were in California on Saticoy St. in North Hollywood. These show the paint department, and were probably taken around 1989.
(That is a guess, we really should of documented things better!)

The big blue tubes are exhaust vents for the airbrush booths. Each booth had a big wheel in the middle on which was set many small wheels for painting individual pieces. The painters worked on many pieces at once, using a whole arsenal of airbrushes that were all hooked up at the same time. We had around 20 airbrush booths and several more booths just for applying the metallic details that go on the dragons. It was pretty noisy, but there was lots of ventilation!

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Raffle prize for March 2010

Sorry this took so long to post!

Here is “Odd Ida”, the odd-eyed griffin for the Ides of March…or the Odds of March. Whatever.

She is a lovely female griffin that has been hanging around looking like she needs a home.

She is painted in test paint colors similar to the “Brown” griffin color, but with extra markings and some grey on her large feathers. She may of been one of the first of these female griffins we cast, because her eyes are a bit wall-eyed, the way the very first castings were. To enhance this problem, I gave her a blue eye and an orange eye, and also I added matching orange and blue markings on her wings.
If you can’t conceal it, reveal it!

If you would like to enter the raffle for Odd Ida, email me your forum name , real name and address, with the words “March 2010 rafle in the subject line.
If you have entered these Windstone raffles before, you can just send me your forum name, I know who you are.
My email is Reptangle ( at ) gmail (dot) com

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This is the raffle prize for March! Her name is is Crocus.

Crocus may not be the prettiest sounding name in the world, but a crocus is the very first flower to emerge out of the snow here! She is painted like the violet and coppery orange one that came up in our front yard a week or two ago. She is a herald of spring.

This is one of the first female griffins poured by the new casting team, Wendy and Chris, here in our Corvallis Oregon factory. There is allot to learn when casting these! This griffin became a test piece because the mold was over filled a bit, giving her a slightly thicker bottom.This first attempt at pouring came out very well otherwise; this piece actually has no pin holes even though they were using really old gypsum that was brought with us from California. That is a miracle! First miracle of spring.

The raffle for Crocus is for members of the Windstone Editions forum:
(someone needs to show me how to make a hyperlink so I don’t need to put this whole address in here)

If you have entered these before and would like to enter the March raffle for Crocus, just send me your forum name with March raffle in the subject line.
If you are a forum member and haven’t been in one of these raffles before, send me your forum name and your real name and address too, so I can keep track of you.
My email is reptangle (at) gmail (dot) com
I will pick a winner at the end of March!

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I painted a baby meerkat like a puppy.
Everyone thought they were so cute that we painted a batch of them. However, I can’t really explain why a meerkat would be painted like a puppy , but it seems to fit!
These guys are in the store now!

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New Snerl

Took us a year to get this new mark stamped on the pads, but they have been starting to appear on pieces. Check any new pieces you’ve gotten and see if you can tell if Snerl is smiling or not. Unfortunately his face gets blurry on the smaller pads so you can’t tell how happy he is to live in Oregon!

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Sugar Plum Poads

I painted a batch of Sugar Plum Poads!
This was fun, since there seems to be no consensus on what the heck a “sugar plum” IS, exactly, I was free to interpret it my own way.
These poads are airbrushed with layer upon layer of metallic paint. I used contrasting colors to subdue and darken the bright underlying hues, resulting in a color that has as much complexity as the “Autumn Leaf” color.

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Where's Windstone? Four turns from anywhere in the world.

Anxious to see what Windstone Editions was all about, I drove south of Corvallis a mile, then turned right at Murphy’s Tavern onto Wake Robin Ave., a long, straight, dead-end that I had never explored in my 15 years in Corvallis.

I passed humble houses and an apartment complex on the right, cows and a kiln-making shop on the left. I crossed a little-used railroad siding and passed a fenced warehouse where a Volvo older than my own was parked. Within sight of the road’s end, just beyond the barking dogs at the Corvallis Kennel and Cattery, I found Windstone Editions.

The blue metal building stands by itself, giving no hint of the unlikely enterprise being uncrated inside. Few residents even know it is exists, though it is familiar to United Parcel Service and FedEx drivers who have been making deliveries for years.

I was struck by an irony of Windstone’s new location. Though is it tucked away in a small city that few people have ever heard of, Windstone is just four turns from the Portland International Airport, and thus just four turns from the world. It’s a right, right, left, and right.

If Windstone someday holds a Grand Opening at its new northwest location, collectors will probably fly in from around the world to visit Melody Peña and John Alberti in their quaint, country environment. Once they land in Portland, their 85-mile drive south will be no more complicated than my drive across town.

Tucked at the end of a dead end in Corvallis, Windstone Editions is just four turns from the world.

Corvallis, Oregon

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Choosing a nom de plume

An artist or writer should feel proud to sign their name to their work. Yet when I signed my name at the close of my first few Windstone postings, it seems somehow ill suited to the topic of dragons, unicorns and fanciful creatures.

For the first time in my life, I find myself wanting a pen name. Since my name is Warren and I am writing about dragons, I thought perhaps I would take the nom de plume of Dragon Penn Warren – a literary illusion to one of America’s greatest writers, Robert Penn Warren.

“Nobody will get it,” my wife informed me flatly.

“Really?” I doubted. “People won’t recognize my clever play on the the name of a Pulitzer-prize-winning author?”

She gave me an “oh puh-lease” look.

Back to the moniker drawing board.

Melody Peña at Windstone suggested, “How ‘bout ‘Pendragon?’”

I liked the sound of that, so I took it home and gave it the spouse test.

“That’s much better,” she enthused. “Everyone will get that.”

I was perplexed. “Why will nobody get Dragon Penn Warren, but everyone will get Pendragon?”

She looked at me curiously. “Are you kidding? You do know who Pendragon was, don’t you?”

I searched the mental data base – no matches found. I stared back blankly.

“Pendragon…?” she repeated. “You don’t know about Pendragon?”

In a kind and gentle tone – like a classics professor lecturing on Mythology for Dummies – she explained that Pendragon was the family name of a certain well-known English king named Arthur… King Arthur.


I decided she was right. Almost everyone in the fantasy dragon world would get that.

(If you are one of us few who somehow missed the whole Camelot, Mists of Avalon thingy, I recommend Wikipedia.)

Just sign me,