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This is the raffle prize for September!

This is “Fuchsia”. He is a scratching dragon that is painted in a color very close to the “Violet Flame” color, except he lacks the blue color that the violet flames were antiqued with.
Like most of the raffle prizes I have found, Fuschia is a “rescue” piece. He has some small defects on his chest scales that make him look as if he is on his way to becoming an “old warrior”, but he is still very beautiful.
If you would like to win “Fuchsia”, email me with your forum name, real name and real address, (or if you have entered before , just your forum name is enough ) with the words “September raffle” in the subject line so I can find your entry and keep ’em all together.
It is allot easier for me if you don’t send entries by forum Private message, I always forget to check there. (unless you can’t get through to me by email, then it’s ok!)
My email is Reptangle ( at ) gmail (dot) com.
(I’m trying to figure out how to spell “fuchsia” I keep changing the spelling.)

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Quaggas everywhere!

This is the Male Unicorn, painted by Helen Mishkin

You know how when you notice something you don’t usually think about, you start to notice it everywhere?
When our kids, Chessie and Griffin and were younger, we would always attend the little carnival that was held once a year at the local elementary school . It was fun. We won several goldfish that were all named “Muskrat” and I once won a prize too! It was a little key chain with a plastic quagga on it. I was thrilled! Quaggas are one of those things that you never think about (why would you?) then suddenly, once you start noticing them, you start noticing them everywhere.
Quaggas are an extinct type of equine, thought to be very genetically similar to a “Steppe Zebra”. Quaggas had very interesting markings. Unlike zebras, they had brown bodies that shaded from solid tan on their rear ends to darker brown with narrow, creamy colored zebra-like stripes on their heads and shoulders.

Now I started hearing about quaggas everywhere, it seemed.
The brilliant kid’s book “Katturan Oddesy” illustrated by by Terryl Whitlatch features “Quigga”, a Quagga as a lead character.
Coincidentally, the wonderful all-volunteer carved carousel they are building in Albany, Oregon has the same quagga character as one of its “horses”.
Then I heard about the “Quagga Project” a breeding program in South Africa that is attempting to re-create quaggas by breeding plains zebras to have quagga like markings. They seem to be succeeding! I found plush quaggas , illustrations and cartoons about quaggas. By now I am becoming obsessed with quaggas- then Helen sends us a baby unicorn painted like a quagga!

Oh my god! I loved it so much I pestered her until she had painted a whole unicorn family for us. I love Helen’s paint jobs in the first place, but I loved these quagga-unicorns so much I considered re-sculpting the unicorns to have upright quagga manes just to make them more realistic. Due to the huge amount of work piled on our mold making department at the moment, I knew we couldn’t wait for that to happen, so here is the Male unicorn, with a long flowing mane, painted by Helen (Arlla, on the forum) Mishkin in Quagga finery. He is just gorgeous. Something about the intricate stripes and softly blended tans and greys flowing together and the beautiful dorsal stripe sends me into raptures.

If you want to become quagga obsessed like me, here are some links I found to neat stuff about them:

Here is a link to the Albany Carousel website, with a picture of the Quagga figure:
Here is a link to the book “Katurran Odesssy”:

The Quagga project; they are trying to re-create quaggas from zebras! There is a bunch of great photos and pictures of the extinct quaggas as well as the new ones they are breeding:

Here is one more link I had to add, a plush quagga!

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Raffle Prize for October 09

The raffle prize for October is pictured on my facebook photo gallery this time ,because this blog page won’t let me upload and image tonight for some reason.
Here is the link to the image on my facebook page (though I don’t know if everyone can see it, or if you have to be on facebook yourself)

He is a Male griffin with an attitude. I airbrushed him in Halloween colors: black, white and tan, like a Bernese Mountain dog.
He is a casting that was poured in a mold that was not perfectly level, so he leans to his left more than male griffins usually do. This only adds to Butler’s distinct personality.
(I tried to name him “Bernie”)
He has metallic blue spots on his wings, and orange and yellow jewels in his collar.
He really is a character!
If you would like to win Butler, and you have entered before, just email me your Windstone forum name with the words “October raffle ” in the subject line. ( please don’t enter by private message on the forum unless you can’t get an email to work.)
If you haven’t entered a raffle before,(or can’t remember) send me your forum name, along with your real name and address.
I’ll draw the winner on or around the end of October.
my email is reptangle (at) gmail (dot) com
(He does NOT like to be called “Bernie”)

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November raffle prize!

This is a mother dragon that I test painted… in a color I don’t have a name for. I think I’ll call it something like “Toasted Pearl”, but I don’t love that name. If you have a better name, let me know!
She is marked like a Siamese cat, but she has a pearl colored body and “points” that I have airbrushed with copper, brown and dark brown. She also has some violet on the darkest areas which match her amethyst jewels and lavender eyes.

If you would like a chance to win “Toasty” and you haven’t entered one of these Windstone raffles before, email me with your forum name, real name and address, with the words November raffle in the subject line.

If you’ve entered before, you can just send me your forum name, I know who you are.
You can include a name suggestion for this color!

These raffles are free to Windstone forum members!
If you aren’t a member and would like to join up, heres a link:
My email address is reptangle (at) gmail (dot) com
We will pull the winner out of a hat around the end of the month, and I will announce who the winner is in the “Announcements” thread on the forum.

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Autumn Leaf Secret Keeper

At last, the Autumn Leaf Secret Keeper is finished. Took me a few years to get around to completing her!
This dragon sculpture is cast out of gypsum and hand painted by me, Melody Pena. She is seventeen inches tall and weighs over thirty pounds.
My poor back.
This color is lovely. It is also very complicated. The dark colors are created by layering gold, transparent ruby red, copper and emerald green over each other. She is painted in the colors that my garden is now, a deep mucky rich mix of everything. She even shows a a little bright blue of the empty mothball package that is lying out there.( Moth balls DON’T keep deer out, by the way.)
This one -of-a-kind test painted Secret Keeper.
She will be going on ebay today, December1st.

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Mini Catalogs

I was asked about our “mini catalogs” in a thread by “Kitsunelady” on our Windstone forum:

These are tiny catalogs we printed with pictures of all the Windstones that we had for sale at the time that the catalog was published. They were free for the retail stores to give away to their customers, and we printed new ones when we came out with new sculpture. When we ran out of these catalogs, we often used the latest favorite sculpture we had as new cover picture, but not always. We sometimes reprinted the same sculpture image, but with some differences, like a different type color or other small change.

Kitsunelady asked how many different ones there are, and I had no idea!

Yesterday, I found a box with a bunch of different catalogs in it, so I am compiling a list. I know these aren’t all of them. I’ll scan and post more as I come across new ones.

There are a few I know are missing from this group: The one with the “Sea Fire Mermaid sconce”, the “Rock Dragon” one, and the last one we did, that has the black and white face of the “Wizard Cat” on the cover*.

I put the year they were printed under the images. There certainly seems to be a lot of them missing! If any of you have some of the missing ones, or if you have others that I don’t have here, I would love to have a pic of it to post!

*edit* People are adding to the ” missing ” list.
I found a Wizard cat one, and others were scaned and emailed to me:
Thank you, 2 huberts and Natalie!
Thank you also, Kitsunelady and Jasmine!
And Drag0nfeathers, and everyone else who is rooting through their desks and closets to see which they have!.
Thanks Frozendragon!

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December raffle prize

The prize for the December raffle; another champagne-ish colored dragon for New Years!
He is an Emperor dragon airbrushed with pearl, and copper, and he has some lavender too.

This is a free raffle for members of the Windstone forum:
If you would like a chance to win “Champ”, send me an email with your forum name, real name and address with the words “December Raffle” in the subject line so I can find your entry among all the ads.

If you have entered a Windstone raffle before, you can just send me your forum name. I know who you are.

My email is reptangle (at) gmail (dot) com. It is best to not “pm” me with your entry unless you can’t get my email to work.

I will pull a winner out of my hat near the end of the year. That’s soon!

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Sugar PLum Poads

I painted a batch of Sugar Plum Poads!

This was fun, since there seems to be no consensus on what the heck a “sugar plum” IS, exactly, I was free to interpret it my own way.
These poads are airbrushed with layer upon layer of metallic paint. I used contrasting colors to subdue and darken the bright underlying hues, resulting in a color that has as much complexity as the “Autumn Leaf” color.
They have deep plum colored heads that blend into red, copper and finally into a slightly unripe looking green bum. Their shoulders are dappled with interference blue markings to give them a frosty look, and they have been dusted with magic invisible paint to make them glitter under a point source light.
Jane, our mold maker, has ended up with the job of mixing the special plum colored glass paint for their eyes. These two poads each have a different, new eye color: the one on the right has the plum color, the one on the left has a dark purple, almost navy blue eyes. I like them both.
Which do you like?

You can comment here, or on my facebook page like everybody else.

We will have these in the store soon as we get eyes and Poad cards finished, hopefully this week!

“Poad” is a trade mark of Melody Pena

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New Snerl

Took us a year to get this new mark stamped on the pads, but they have been starting to appear on pieces. Check any new pieces you’ve gotten and see if you can tell if Snerl is smiling or not. Unfortunately his face gets blurry on the smaller pads so you can’t tell how happy he is to live in Oregon!

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Savannah griffins

Griffins are hybrid creatures so it makes sense to paint them like hybrids.
I have been on a hybrid cat theme here, lately. These are “Savannah” griffins. Their markings are inspired by Savannah cats. which are a hybrid breed of fancy cat made by crossing Servals, domestic cats and sometimes other species of cats too. You end up with a huge long legged feline thing that looks really cool, but I bet they tear your house to shreds.. gad, normal domestic kitty cats are bad enough… anyway, I love the way those cats look. Their tan coats have brown spots that shade into darker spots on their white underparts. No, not on their underpants. No dark spots on their underpants. I am trying to be serious here.
These griffins are showing off the new, darker lavender eyes that Jane ,who is our mold maker and now our eye paint mixer, has come up with. Aren’t they cool? You should see the new teal color!