The Veligent – page 78

The Veligent - Page 78
The Veligent - Page 78

I am not going to try to page 79 up this Monday, Aug 26. Learning to use color in photo shop has consumed all of my time this week. I’ll get a page up soon as I can! Might be next Monday.
I spent some time just fooling around with the color on this page.

But HEY! I thought I had deleted the comments and page reads from this page, but here they are again. yay.
Ha ha… I need to edit this page… someone on DA pointed out that Ayonah is actually asking a “yes ” or “No” question in the first panel… oops!

8 thoughts on “The Veligent – page 78

  1. AWWW how sweet.All the POADS!!!tm and in COLORS!!Thanks for sharing Ms.Melody
    I really like the little blue one under the “NO”

  2. Oh my goodness! It looks beautiful! <3 I want to take them all home with me ^_^

  3. Thos poads are all so pretty!

  4. So…unbearably…CUTE!!!

  5. I wonder what it feels like to have Ms Gristle’s big kitty paws whompf over your face like that!

  6. Love the colour! And all those poads! Some of them look familiar, like particular GB poads, how neat!

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