1. etruscan

    Love it! Ummm … if there is one rebel (or one rebel ruler), then Rebel’s is correct. If there are more than one, it should be the Rebels’ territory (apostrophe at the end).

  2. Melody

    Yes, there is only one rebel, but he leads a group of followers , so you are right, it still should probably be a plural possessive. I will change it tonight.

  3. Joliesdragons

    I love “The Upper Slogs”! What a fabulous descriptive phrase. 🙂

  4. etruscan

    Two questions after looking back at page 50:

    If “It is a day’s walk to base camp”, how long does it take to fly there?

    In the fourth panel on page 50, it looks like Kade is untying the back of his robe/cloak. Is that so he can use his wings?

  5. Melody

    Yes, he is untying his cloak.

    Having them talk about horses climbing down, and walking to camp was a way to keep people from expecting the wings to appear, even though I added that hint of Kade untying his cloak.. I guess it worked.
    It IS about day’s hike/climb into camp, undercover, through the Tanglian wilderness from the distant landing site.

    They don’t fly down directly into the camp because the location is supposed to be kept secret. The “enemy” could spot them in the air.
    It only takes short time to fly to the landing site, if you go the right way, and don’t do any sight-seeing.

    He means a day of walking during daylight hours, not 24 hours.

  6. dranxis

    Such enticing names– “Mush island” “the runs” “rat island.” I don’t think a page like this is cheating, especially when it’s so intricately detailed.

  7. Falcolf

    Love the hilarious place names haha! 😀

  8. etruscan

    Did you expand Kade’s request to see the other side of the river? I don’t remember “It is so gorgeous …” when I first read it.

    The Tanglian gremlins seem to be playing around. The apostrophe has been changed back to Rebel’s (or maybe you decided it is better as a singular). Looking forward to Monday’s installment!

  9. Melody

    The Tanglian wilderness is a chaotic place.

    Ha, yes. I changed the wording, and uploaded the wrong version of this page. Yay me. I’ll fix it..again…

    I may end up putting more, or different words on this page because there isn’t room on page 54 for enough enthusiasm. Page 54 is being a bitch.
    Changing stuff retroactively is fun.

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