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  1. This is deep and beautiful, will you elaborate on this soul for us Melody?

  2. One of the central ideas that started this fantasy story was: “what if there was a special branch of medicine that dealt with the physical soul? What if it is an enormous organ, floating in a different plane of existence like a big jellyfish,, and the doctor had to navigate around in it?”

    That is the job of a Veligent.

    The souls are called “vels”.

    The people(and many other creatures) in this story are “Veligers”, because they have these vels.
    It’s kinda like how elves are similar to humans, but not quite the same.
    The vels are in a different plane of existence from the body, but attached to their body by the high power extension cord at the bottom, spirit and life force blows in and out -out the top … in a healthy vel, anyway.
    Yes, it sounds pretty wonky, but hey, I wrote this when I was 15.

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