The Veligent – page 26

7 thoughts on “The Veligent – page 26

  1. The web site was down for a bit . Back now .

  2. OH. Seems to be working now!

  3. Wow. There is some symbology going on with this page I can’t bring up on a public forum. But then, perhaps it is just me. I am blushing. lol

    Still, it is yet another wonderful job. I am dying to know “The Question”.

  4. Ha ha ha! I didn’t use some of the more suggestive “medicinal objects” I had made drawings of… but, yeah, the point is to make you imagine what these things could be used for…a few of these “objects” were suggested by caddis fly larvae we found in a pond, and casement wool moth larvae.
    I don’t know WHAT you were thinking.

  5. That’s some pretty hardcore symbolgebra going on there. We didn’t even cover stick figures in my symbolgebra classes. Too advanced. 😛

  6. That’s some knowledge base, lol. Can’t imagine the test question. 🙂

  7. I scanned an awful-looking page of my son’s calculus homework, reversed it and added some derivatives of my own. Symbolgebra is so much harder.

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