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Amethyst dragons

It is probably hopeless for you to try to judge the color of these two curlie dragons on your computer screen , but these are test paints of the solid Amethyst color. The one on the left is the more intense violet, like the color on the “intense violet Emerald Peacock” dragon’s color, the one on the right has the intense violet on his wings, face and spine, but has more of the blue-violet on his body. The blue violet is the color of violet on the production Emerald Peacock dragons. If you have any of those around, you can see the actual paint I’m using.
These are pretty, and very purple. The trouble with Dioxazine purple is that any color you use with it, even if it is also an intense purple itself, will appear to be a different color when used beside it . For example; the blue violet on the right hand dragon appears to be just blue. When I tried using lavender as a trim color, the lavender appeared to be pink. This Amethyst color may end up being one of the monotone ones, at least on a small dragon.
What do you think about the eye color? These are the two I liked the best, (and I don’t like the blue that much!) The lavender colored eye I tried just appeared to be beige when set against this dragon color. The other color I could use is something that is a total contrast, like green.
I have a batch of curlies I plan to paint in Amethyst, which one of these do you like best? Intense violet? Or the bluer one?
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24 thoughts on “Amethyst dragons

  1. I have to say…I love all things purple, they are both spectacular!! I love the almost monotone on these small guys, I don’t know if i would love it as much on say an Old Warrior. (I probably would though, because, hey purple!) I like the bluer purple one on the right a little more, it has more depth. I almost want to say an orange eye would look good…opposite ends and all. I like the pop of the red, but the blue looks more natural, if there was a purple dragon in nature that is!

  2. I like the one on the left, though I have to ask about it’s eye color. Is the eye on that one red or a hot pink color (that’s what color it looks on my screen)? Because if it is a hot pink color that would be really awesome!

  3. I like the one on the right, it just has that tiny bit more contrast. Did the grey eyes not look good? Otherwise, I like the red eyes.

  4. I like them both, but I like the blue eye with the one on the right, and I think I would like that color better on a larger sculpt as well–the one on the left might be just too monotone. I am curious what grey, orange, and yellow eyes would look like as well. And if that eye on the left is red or dark pink!

    They’re both quite pretty.

  5. I like the two-toned amethyst color but was wondering if you’d tried the red eyes with that color scheme? For once I don’t care for the blue eyes as they appear wishy-washy to me. Maybe a straw or gold colored eye?

  6. ha, no, not pink, it is deep ruby red , actually much more intense redr than it looks in this pic on my computer. it is striking though doesn’t exactly match anything.

  7. I didn’t try grey eyes. It seemed to me this dragon would need another intense color for the eye to combat all the purpleness!

  8. I’m not fond of the curly scupt itself, but I absolutely love the color! I couldn’t say which one I like best, but for the eyes, the blue mos def gets lost. Red goes well. Straw might also complement the color.

  9. I prefer the intense color and red eyes of the one on the left. mmm….I’d like to see it tried out on a coiled too, I think it would suit the smaller sculpts well, but be way too much purple on a larger sculpt, it’s hard to say. I love purple, so this one is of course a like for me. πŸ™‚

  10. I like the one on the right. Just a hint of contrast looks good. Green eyes might be interesting. I’m not a big fan of the red myself

  11. I like the redish eyes best.

    as much as i looove the purple, i can’t help but go,”agggh! more monotones! run away!” (no offense meant)

    of course, I am really really biased toword contrasty multicolor combos πŸ˜›

  12. purple is my favorite color. i lean toward the blue-purple end more, so love the right hand dragon. perhaps gold, green, or orange eyes? it’s hard to tell whether they’d show up any more vividly than the blue.

  13. I like the color on the one with the blue eyes better, but the reddish/pinkish eyes better with the color. Would love to see what they look like with green eyes. and…cough…would love to see the color on a fledgie (purple =favorite color, fledgie=favorite sculpt!)

  14. I prefer the one on the left. I like the eyes and colors to “pop”.

  15. But I like the one on the left too…so whichever works out I’ll buy πŸ˜€
    Usually I’m all for the red eyes <3 But I want to see what it looks like with a "school bus" yellow eye, that seems like it would be awesome.

  16. I like them both, but I really like the one with the red eye and jewel. I normally don’t like the red eyes, but It just stands out really well on this colored curlie to me. I would like to see a yellow eye in one though. Aren’t purple and yellow complimentary colors after all?

    Oh, one more thing… can we expect these to be LP, or more Ebay things?

  17. Definitely the one on the right – the bluish purple at least adds a little bit of depth. The one on the left just looks solid blah purple. And as much as I hate to say it, I like the blue eyes… stupid blue eyes!!! They go with everything!!!

    edit: whoops! I didn’t mean to reply to anyone’s comment, just to the blog in general. I still don’t know how these things work…

  18. I like the blue-purple colors of the right, but the red eye and jewel of the one on the left.

  19. I’m liking the one on the right the best. The blue eyes seem more natural in that color scheme. And I like the “just blue” against the amethyst. But then, I’m not a huge fan of purple, so I like the contrast and variation.

  20. Nobody has mentioned the difference in coppery trim on the wing.
    I did the final version of Amethyst curlies with copper trim on the wings like that one on the right, and a compromise between these two purple colors. I used an orange eye, which looks good with the copper. I will show a pic of the ( sort of ) final version on here tomorrow so you can see it.

  21. These are intended for the store, and we may offer them as buy-it-nows on ebay too. I would like to wait until I have a bigger number of these curlies before we offer them for sale, ( there are only about 60 painted now, I would like at least 100) so that they don’t just sell out immediately. We DO plan to be able to keep things in stock eventually!

  22. I like both of them! They are both beautiful but I do like the blue eyes more.

  23. I love the colors on both dragons but prefer the blue eye. I think the red eye brings the focus to the eye instead of the lovely colors the dragon is wearing. The wing trim on the right is more to my taste too. I would buy one no matter which one you choose to go with. Good luck with them and all your work.

    Thank you for the lovely Dragons,


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