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Amethyst curlie color

This is the way I painted a first batch ( about sixty) curlies. Unfortunately, I see that this picture I took doesn’t show the intense violet part very well, but I painted these in a compromise color between the two curlies pictured in the blog entry titled “Amethyst Dragons”. The top coil of the curlie is intense violet, so that is the color you see from the top, with a blue violet spine. The second coil is blue violet with an intense violet spine. The wings have a lot of copper on them, I was thinking that it reminded me of a gas flame. Anyway, this one ain’t monotone!
The orange eye looks pretty good with the copper trim, but I am still open to suggestions.

7 thoughts on “Amethyst curlie color

  1. Wow, I didn’t think it was possible for me to like a purple dragon, but somehow, I like it! And I think the orange eye looks great!

  2. She’s so pretty, I love the color and the eye choice. Let the stalking of the store begin!

  3. Very nice, I like this better than the first two you showed us! The shading on the wing really helps complement the orange eye. I hope to see something other than curlies in this color! =D

  4. The orange eye looks perfect with the combination of purple and blue on this curlie. I am trying to think of another eye color that will look better, and can’t. I really do love how you did this one. I think we’ll all have a chance at one with 60 being painted. Thank you Melody!

    What color jewels will they have?

  5. I love the orange eyes and the coppery accents too!! I hope we see this coloring on other dragons. Did you have to paint all 60 dragons by yourself??? I hope you had some help. Thanks Melody!! You’re awesome!!!

  6. I think it’s a good compromise. And the orange eyes are nice, especially with the coppery wings.

  7. Our new painter, Sean, painted the base purple color on about half. I added the copper and gold, then Chessie fixed the copper and gold. Then I fixed the copper and gold again… and again… and again. These should be darn near perfect.

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