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Sea Fire Mermaid Sconce

Photo of Sea Fire Mermaid Sconce

This mermaid isn't about to try touching it again, but she's still fascinated by fire. Her tail is painted with many colors of reflective "interference" paint and has touches of metallic gold. The back has a deep, secure hanging hole and is covered with a felt pad. For indoor use only.

Candle and glass votive included.
This sconce is for wall display only, not for tabletop display.
Optional electric votive lamp with eight-foot white cord (Item #E3) sold separately.

Weight: 8.33 lb.
Dimensions: 8.5in. L x 8.25in. W x 9.25in. H
Price: $167.00
SKU: 3007
Regular Production


Azuthiel's picture

Sea of Dreams

The perfect addition to my comfy corner to further give it a water based theme.

"I am Azuthiel, born of the ashes of creation and the winds of hope, sorceress and paladin of Io the Creator of our kin and kind. My watch transpires over all who still dare to dream and strive to keep equality in all the light and dark touches."