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For over twenty years Windstone has marketed primarily through fine “brick and mortar” independent retailers throughout the United States and Canada. We have not only made a good living from our sales, but we have enjoyed the satisfaction of knowing Windstone solidly supports both independent enterprise and the qualities of “main street” commerce that lend texture, diversity, and wholeness of community to our cities.

Please try to buy locally from a real store before you order from an online store. As we are forced by the current dynamics of the economy and marketplace to begin selling select pieces direct to collectors and while our Limited Production pieces will only be available direct from us, our “brick and mortar” dealers should be given preference before you order any of the general Windstone collectibles online. All of our dealers enjoy same day shipping from us and, should they be out of stock, can provide you with anything you wish to order within a few days.

Please click on your state’s abbreviation below to find a local dealer.